Battery Replacement

Batteries are the critical part of UPS systems and they have a limited service life depending on their design and operating conditions. Failure of even a single battery can cause your whole system to fail, critical loads will not to be protected, and business processes will be interrupted, besides it might lead to data, time and manpower loss.

Battery checks of your systems carried out by authorized technical personnel will help to detect malfunctioning batteries and protect your business flow by receiving replacement service.

Batteries are replaced according to rules in order to provide maximum performance and lifetime. Depending on business and connected load criticality we offer different batteries – from A+ brands such as Yuasa, CSB, B.B., Exide, Vision and other known brands such as Rocket, Ritar, CGB and etc.
For replaced batteries we offer Battery Recycling Service Due to the increase in the use of electronic devices, a large amount of electronic waste is generated and this waste is an important threat to the environment if they are not appropriately disposed of. We offer batteries recycling services:

We collect batteries from customers’ locations and pass to recycling companies. Electronic waste is the most important waste due to its battery content and should be dirrsposed of in the most appropriate way.

Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance Agreements are intended to take the necessary precautions to ensure that the devices with expired warranty are in working condition and to extend their life by periodically servicing the devices.
Within the scope of the maintenance agreement, the devices pass through maintenance once in a quarter and our customers are entitled to unlimited calls in case of malfunction.  In the event of device malfunction due to device or use errors despite periodical maintenance, your devices are handled as soon as possible and the problem is solved.

Maintenance agreements services provided based on different Service Plans. Service Plans defined depending on customer’s requirements towards to response time, working days and hours, total scope of works.

Maintenance agreement cost calculated based on total quantity and capacity of devices, brand name and models, period of usage of those devices, total locations served, number of batteries and etc.

Usual maintenance agreement out of warranty doesn’t cover parts cost. Technical check-up of all devices once in a quarter included to the cost of an agreement. Also phone support, free diagnostics and repair services provided to customers within maintenance agreement.


Whether it is a residential building or office or business center, preventive maintenance is the key to avoid electrical and data loss problems. Preventive maintenance provides opportunity to identify problems before they affect business stability and provide orderly and intime repair.

Our policy is to prevent problems before they occur. Proper care and regular maintenance will help to avoid downtime, equipment damage, data losses.

We offer the following services:

  • Inspection and diagnostics
  • UPS service assessment
  • Technical check-up
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Remote monitoring

All works can be done either on single call basis or as a part of maintenance agreement

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