Out of Warranty Service

Besides of producers whose products UPS Service has authorization to repair in Azerbaijan, our company provides out of warranty services for devices produced by the following brands: AC/DC, Aksa, APC, Artronic, Çetinkaya, Delta Electronics, East, EnEl, ElEn, GenPower, Gucbir, Huawei, Inform, Jett, Megisan, Power Elektronik, Servomatik, Tuncmatik

The following cases are considered as out of warranty: expiration of warranty period, absence of proof of purchase, improper use (misuse, abuse) of device (see in-warranty service conditions), use in improper environmental conditions.

Also, the following incidents may be a reason to consider denial of warranty support: no grounding connection at place of device operation, interference by unauthorized person, device settings change, cables damage or disconnect.

Prices for out of warranty services depend on device model, capacity, number of batteries and actual problem.

We also provide chargeable diagnostics service for devices and if client decides not to proceed with repair at our service center. In case of decision to make a further repair at UPS Service facility diagnostics charge will be considered in defining final cost of repair.

UPS Service provides warranty coverage for all repaired and replaced parts and service jobs from 3 to 12 months

In-Warranty Service

UPS Servis is authorized service center and we provide all necessary support for products manufactured by the following brands:

Makelsan, Turkey -

Socomec, France –

Tescom,  Turkey -

Tripp Lite, USA –

Warranty period and conditions are defined by those brands, ergo warranty support executed according to the rules and requirements of particular manufacturer. However general terms and requirements applied to all products.

All devices where client claims warranty support must be accompanied either by warranty card or (and) by proof of purchase (invoice, receipt, bill) with sign and stamp of seller and clear indication of a place and fate of purchase.

Warranty support covers only cases with defined factory originated defects and malfunctions. Warranty does not apply to normal wear or to damage resulting from accident, misuse, abuse or neglect. All devices with physical damage are subject to denial of a warranty support.

Resolution of warranty repairs are performed by repair OR by replacements of faulty devices depending on a model and manufacturer’s rules and regulations.

UPS Servis uses only original spare parts or third party spare parts and other components approved by manufacturer.

Warranty for repaired parts and replaced models provided accordingly to manufacturer’s rules and regulations.

All In-Warranty repairs and services provided only at our own service facility, i.e. only off-site warranty service is free of charge. Any on-site warranty service is chargeable unless other terms are agreed with a client.

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