“UPS Servis” LLC was established in 2016 and provides consulting, installation, repair and other required technical support for UPS, Inverters, Diesel Generators, Voltage Regulators and other Power Protection equipment and electronic devices.

Our team consists of experienced professionals carrying certificates and degrees in electrical, UPS technical advice areas from different manufacturers and organizations.

“UPS Servis” has agreements with line of worldwide known Power Protection brands and eligible to provide required pre-, sales and post-sales support in related product categories. We keep our employees up to date with new information and technology news, our team get required trainings from our partners and vendors – both sales and technical.

Mostly our company works as a Value Added Distributor and we provide the following services:

  • consulting and site analysis
  • defining connected equipment technical requirements
  • working out required configuration and BOM (Bill of Materials) according to customer’s needs
  • preparing sales proposal
  • consignee and delivery of the equipment
  • commissioning and start-up
  • in- and post-warranty support
  • preventive maintenance

“UPS Servis” works on service agreements basis and among our value added services are such as hotline support, regular technical check-ups, electrical cables and electrical panels statuses and others.

Company’s approach to a business based on responsibility, knowledge and care. Our employees participated in different trainings at manufacturers facilities in different countries, what allows us to consider providing technical support to wider range of electrical and electronic equipment